• Regina: You did this?
  • Emma: Yes. Yes, I did this and one day you'll be thankful, Regina. How long have you even known him? Two days? And he's a thief, isn't that below your usual standards?
  • Regina: Wow, Miss Swan, this is a very OOC thing for you to say...
  • Emma: I know, but you know what? I'm the fucking saviour and you raised my kid and he refers to us as his "two moms" and you're fucking hot and I'm smokin, too. You see what's happening here? We'd be perfect for each other and our love story could be so fucking OBVIOUS if your name was Reginald. Yet they pair us off with a THIEF and a frikkin PIRATE because we're two women. We could live in a goddamn castle together with our son, like, what the effing fuck, what kind of happy ending are they trying to give us here?! So yes, I brought that bitch back.
  • Regina: You should have done that three seasons ago but I guess I won't complain now. Let's go, Miss Swan, we have a kingdom to rule.
Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow.
m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2.   (via weaverofstars)
Their relationship; it could be sexual one day, I mean, they’re not gay in the books. But who knows?

Sasha Alexander.

─on the lesbian label that sticks on Rizzoli and Isles

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